Friday, March 24, 2017

Beauty & the Beast

   By this point it is very clear that Disney intends to do live-action remakes of a lot of their classic feature film cartoons. I am of two minds about it; on one hand it shows the lack of originality, but on the other it is interesting to see how they adapt a cartoon. Unlike Maleficent, which was an alternate take on Sleeping Beauty, this film is pretty much a retelling of the original with only a few minor tweaks of fleshing out Belle and the Beast's backstories and the addition of some new songs. Emma Watson does well as Belle and Dan Steven, while mainly a CGI Beast, still managed to convey anger and charm in his performance. Luke Evans makes a decent Gaston, though he seems to be more of a terrible person this go-round, while Josh Gad plays a more sympathetic version of LeFou. The new enchanted characters featuring Ewan MacGregor (Lumiere), Ian McKellan (Cogsworth), and Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts) all did well bringing their characters to life. As for the musical numbers, they are all entertaining, but I admit that I prefer the originals best. I did like the design of the castle and all its enchanted characters, they had an authentic look about them while not looking too cartoonish. Ultimately it is a decent movie that is entertaining but was not exactly something that just had to be made. I figure there will be plenty more live action adaptations on the way, however.

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